Amanda Ladymon
Family Tree
This mixed-media assemblage and found object installation was created using photographs from my personal Family Albums, dating from 1922 to the present. If you like the individual boxes, they are $15 dollars each, or I will do custom orders ranging from $15-25 with your own family photos!

Life in so many ways is much like a game of Parcheesi. So many decisions, mistakes, or unexpected encounters happen with just the "toss of the dice". Each decision one player makes will inevitably affect the other players. I feel that life parallels this "game" in that for every action, there is an effective chain of events that lead to everything else, whether we win or lose. Over twenty-five altered cigar boxes, hang suspended and glowing from the inside. Each box contains photographic images layered with maps and other images, revealing an important clue as to where the photo was taken, or perhaps what memories are tied with that person or specific event taking place in the photo. Some of the boxes are connected with a line of string to different areas on the game board, signifying the connection between not only the people, but the events themselves.
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