Amanda Ladymon
UntitledUntitledGrey AreaBetter Together Than ApartBetter Together Than ApartRhizomorphious: Cycles & EntrailsRhizomorphious: Cycles and EntrailsRhizomorphious: DetailRhizomorphious: Cycles and EntrailsTa Dah!Kindred Harvest: Family TreeFamily TiesNancy, 1958Giddyup, Blue SeriesVices & Virtues: The GamblerThe Mill Struggle: Unravelling the Southern Strategy.The Mill StruggleDeath BoxesAs the Last Light Fell OverCiclo Colorido. Red Series
Personal Artwork, New Position Applicant
The following 20 selected pieces are from my personal body of work from 2007- 2014. This is intended to be viewed under consideration for my position of Assistant Professor in Studio Art.